About Us

Mike and Rachael

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for producing entertaining, inspiring and soul lifting feature films. 


   Mike's  interest in visual arts began over two decades ago when he bought his first SLR film camera. Within a few years he had accumulated numerous state awards in photojournalism in addition to a growing portraiture clientele. 

   Some years later a growing interest in filmmaking prompted Mike to write his first screenplay, awakening a forgotten childhood interest in writing. It was also about this time he met and married the love of his life, Rachael. 

   In the midst of remodeling their home and raising children they produced their first two movies. 

   This crazy filmmaking idea, which started as little more than a curiosity, has blossomed into a full blown passion. 


   When Mike presented one of his scripts to a young lady for evaluation he had no idea just how opinionated she could be. Neither of them knew that it would launch not only a passion for movie making, but inspire a love story as well.       

  An essential part of this duo, Rachael brings her background in business and banking to help run the business side of Sanctum Entertainment. She also brings her experience in creative writing, a talent for planning, and an eye for detail to bring their ideas to life.

   Besides filmmaking Rachael's resume also includes a fervor for natural living, homeschooling, and caring for their three children.