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Better Than One

Beautiful One

   "Better Than One" is the story of a cynical divorce lawyer and a love adverse young woman who agree to an unlikely short term marriage in order to give a precocious little girl a loving home. Required to fulfill a list of nuptial mandates, they come to learn what real commitment means and that two really can be better than one

   The script for "Better Than One" won 3rd place in the 2020 International Christian Film Festival, the largest faith-based film festival in the world. Plans to produce the movie however are currently on hold pending financial backing. 

  All of her life Mabel has lived with the stigma of being the girl who's "not pretty enough". Feeling life has passed her by, she decides to compete in a national beauty contest being put on by a popular fashion magazine. With the help of her gorgeous best friend and a disenchanted local photographer, Mabel begins her journey into the world of fashion and beauty, and her own heart, on a mission to discover what it means to be beautiful.

  Along the way she learns the futility of trying to live up to the world's definition of beauty, but even more important, she learns no one is more beautiful than when they're being who God created them to be.

   Currently in pre-production with filming to begin in September, 2020. Follow the journey on Facebook!

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