Past Projects

Our Films

   Our plan at the beginning was simple: put ourselves through a DIY film school by producing several ultra low budget, though marketable, feature films. With limited resources and zero experience in any of the many aspects of moviemaking we set out to do just that. These early films where written, produced, shot, and edited (just to name a few of the tasks) by Mike with Rachael acting as co-producer among other things.

   Both films were ultimately completed and internationally distributed. It was a good start to something bigger. 


   Redemption Ride is the story of a washed up bicycle racer who's given a chance to race once more. He sets out on a one of a kind race to win the money needed to give his ill son a life saving operation. His thousand mile journey changes everything, starting with himself. 

   Redemption Ride was our first attempt at filmmaking. Shot over a period of several months with a crew consisting of friends and family, a cast of mostly local talent, Redemption Ride went on to become a semi-finalist is the largest faith-based film festival at the time and found DVD and broadcast distribution.



The Fix It Boys tells the zany tale of two brothers who use their mechanical intuitiveness to fix peoples' problems. They ultimately learn that some problems only God can fix. 

   The production of The Fix It Boys followed on the heels of Redemption Ride. It was shot over an extended time period with a crew consisting of friends and family and a cast of local talent. 

    Producing The Fix It Boys was a memorable experience and a step forward in our filmmaking journey.